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Reach out to better audience matches through our network of 300+ technology sites and 80 million monthly unique visitors, plus 50 million more from social media outlets.

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Explore innovative lead-gen to maximize your brand impact. Make every dollar count with our custom targeting options to find your exact audience

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Generate more revenue with relevant, more engaging ad on your site.

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Digital Advertising Agency

iTADNET is a brand under AdConnects LLC, headquartered in downtown New York. We are passionate about connecting technology brands to technology related clients.

We started out as a purely advertising network back in 2012 and have branched out to provide IAB rising stars ad units. We heard the needs of our clients throughout these few years and lead us to building various digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, digital public relations, app downloads, email marketing, and more.

iTADNET is a vertical ad network that focuses on the Tech industry. We aim to innovatively and effectively connect marketers with their prospective tech business partners and customers in the U.S. to new, expanding global markets.

The iTADNET team has created and managed many advertising campaigns. We maintain strong cooperative relationships with endemic tech sites and social media partners to offer high-quality advertising opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with our digital marketing specialist.

Brand safety

All of the sites on our network go through strict review process before they are included in our network. We make sure no ads are lost in the world wide web.

Full Service

We fully manage your campaign, optimize and offer feedback to your campaign. A dedicated account manager will ensure that you get the best results for your marketing efforts.

Result Oriented

We work closely to ensure your campaign hit right to the audience on the right platform. We are not just an execution platform but an analytically driven company.


Digital Advertising

Launch standard IAB banner ads, rich media ads, video ads, Rising stars ads

APP Advertising

Get the highest relevant download conversion for your IOS or Android app

Digital Public Relations

Get your content, press releases, and sponsored articles across various media

Social Media Marketing

We launch on Facebook, work with tech influencers, and manage your social media account

Email Marketing

Blast to tens of millions of tech related subscribers’ email listings.


Optimise your website keywords or run optimised keywords ads

Influencer Marketing

Get relevant influencer to boost your brand to a new community

Branded Content Marketing

Work with online publisher for advertorial or editorial placement and micro-site sponsorship


Consultation and goal setting

Tell us who you are targeting and your goals. All iTADNET partner sites serve B2B or B2C audiences seeking technology services/products. By sheer reach, we have more of your target audience than any single website does. The variety of sites allows access to almost any type of person you are looking for.

Develop a strategy for succeeding online

Tell us who you are targeting and we will find the placements that fit your target through a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign that utilizes desktop & mobile banners, video pre-rolls, advertorials, social media posts, high impact interstitials & roadblocks, print ads, newsletters, eblasts, sponsorships, and more!

Drive high quality traffic

We will source targeted quality traffic with the lowest cost. We are able to negotiate the best pricing since we are buying in great volume. We ensure that your creative elements are conceptualized and executed properly for the audience.

Increase conversion and client retention

iTADNET applies cutting edge optimization technology to each campaign. Ads are monitored constantly and shifted to the placements and sites with the best response. This ensures that you get the most for your ad dollars. iTADNET further optimizes each campaign by monitoring each creative. Advertisers may submit various banner


Get better audience matches with our network of







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