iTADNET is a technology ad network reaching people seeking technology services or products online through display, native, email and in-stream advertising.

We are proud to be partnered with over 320 quality technology publications, and garnering relationships with numerous clients within the IT industry.

Our goal is to provide our publishers highly targeted and relevant ads that will bring the maximum revenue to your available inventory.

Maximize Your Revenue

At iTADNET, our goal at the end of the day is to maximize your revenue. We specialize in technology vertical and work hard to sell highly targeted ads across all technology fields because we know that relevant ads to the right user at the right time brings effective advertising and branding.

What we offer:

  • Top, brand advertisers that are looking for quality technology sites
  • Higher CPM levels than horizontal ad networks
  • Revenue share model
  • Both premium or remnant spacing can be sold

Tech-Focus Sales Team

We have a sales team in New York and a network of independent digital sales in Australia, the UK, and Asia to win new media agencies and tech advertisers. Working with us directly enable you to get highest CPM rate before distributed to SSP or exchanges.

High-Impact Rich Media

Besides standards IAB banner ads, we work with various Rising stars ads includings in-read videos ads, interstitials, floating ads, footer ads, etc. These high impact ads immediately bring credibility to your sites and audiences.

Dedicated Account Manager

We constantly work on monetizing your site with the highest CPM. Our account manager will pitch the best performing ads with the highest conversion and CPM rate. We work on any discrepancies and also provide technical support.

Display and Rising Stars Ad Units

With iTADNET, you can choose to utilize one or more options to generate the highest revenue.


Unit include

  • • Standard IAB Ad units
  • • Rich media Units
  • • Interstitials, Pop Under
  • • In-banner video
  • • IAB Rising Star Units

Video Pre-Roll & Companion

Choose from a number of native video units and other solutions that fit into your layout and design preferences


In-stream Video Ads

Run pre-roll video ads on your video player.

Inread Video Ads

Run video ads without content on your article page on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Smart Video Background

Run high impact creative video ads on your desktop page with premium buy from media agencies

Product Review & Sponsored article

Get request from advertiser wanting to publish their article across your website. Receive request on advertorial, product review, editorial, sponsored content and micro-site.